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Teaching Your Cat Better Scratching Habits

April 15, 2018

Is your feline buddy using your sofa as a manicure station? Is Fluffy shredding your carpet? Kitties are adorable and lovable pets, but these cute furballs do have a few habits that aren’t very popular with their humans. Read on as an East College Park, Saskatchewan vet offers tips on teaching your kitty better scratching habits. Provide A Good Nail Care Station First things first: if you don’t want your furry little diva scratching up … Read More »

Posted in Behavior, Cat Care

Caring for a Pregnant Dog

April 01, 2018

Do you know or suspect that your dog is pregnant? Congratulations! Fifi will need some extra TLC over the next several weeks. Here, a Saskatoon, Saskatchewan vet discusses caring for a pregnant pooch. Is Fifi Pregnant? It’s not always easy to tell if your canine pal is pregnant. Some common signs of doggy pregnancy include swollen nipples and a growing belly. Pregnant pooches often also become extra loving and cuddly. However, it isn’t uncommon for … Read More »

Posted in Dog Care, General

Stem Cell Therapy for Pets

March 15, 2018

You’ve likely heard of stem cell therapy for people, and the amazing potential it has. However, did you know that stem cell therapy is now available for pets? Here, an East College Park, Saskatchewan vet discusses this modern medical treatment. What Are Stem Cells? In a nutshell, stem cells are cells that are ‘blank pages.’ These cells can develop into many different types of cells, such as blood vessels, bones, cardiac tissue, fat, ligaments, liver … Read More »

Bunnyproofing Tips

March 01, 2018

Have you recently decided to adopt a pet rabbit? Good for you! Floppy can make a very cute and charming little pet. One thing that is very important is making sure your home is bunnyproofed. Bunnies are basically tiny, adorable little chewing machines! Read on for some great tips on making your home safe for your pet from a local Saskatoon, Saskatchewan vet. Dangerous Items Be sure to store anything potentially dangerous out of paws’ … Read More »



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