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Is bringing your pet to the clinic simply a chore you have on your to-do list? Do you leave feeling as if you were just another appointment on their calendar?

At Acadia Veterinary Clinic & Pet Rehab Centre, we believe that visits to the vet should be a warm, engaging and positive experience for everyone. The time you spend with us doesn’t just end when your visit is over. We’re interested in building a relationship with you and your pet. In fact, around here, we’re more like a big, happy family than we are a pet hospital.

Located on 8th Street East, our state-of-the-art medical care is delivered with a personal touch that you simply won’t find at other vet clinic in Saskatoon. Each animal we serve is provided with individualized care that’s as unique and special as they are.

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Michael Benko

Excellent staff, top notch equipment! Very friendly and always treat you like a person not a source of income.

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Jess Fletcher

I was recently a first time client at Acadia vet clinic and I could not be more impressed with the service and care I myself and my pet had received. The receptionist was very helpful and very kind. Dr. Wickstrom was great with my pet as well, she explained the illness and what the medication would be doing and what could happen in the future from having this illness the first time now. The appointment was last Thursday, today is Monday and Dr. Wickstrom called me herself this morning to ask me how my pet is doing and if he has improved and to let me know about refills if needed. Overall I am completely happy with the services and treatment I had received and I highly recommend this veterinary office to any new customers looking for a great vet. I have two Guinea pigs and a rat, and it's hard to find an experienced vet in this city that takes both animals and exotic animals. I will be bringing my small exotic animals here again. I recommend anyone with exotic animals to go here as well.

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