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Is bringing your pet to the clinic simply a chore you have on your to-do list? Do you leave feeling as if you were just another appointment on their calendar?

At Acadia Veterinary Clinic & Pet Rehab Centre, we believe that visits to the vet should be a warm, engaging and positive experience for everyone. The time you spend with us doesn’t just end when your visit is over. We’re interested in building a relationship with you and your pet. In fact, around here, we’re more like a big, happy family than we are a pet hospital.

Located on 8th Street East, our state-of-the-art medical care is delivered with a personal touch that you simply won’t find at other vet clinic in Saskatoon. Each animal we serve is provided with individualized care that’s as unique and special as they are.

Helping Your Pet Recover From Surgery

Sep 15
Is your pet having an operation soon? Perhaps Fluffy or Fido need to get fixed. Pets also sometimes require surgery for specific medical problems. This can be a worrying time for pet...
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Vehicle Safety Tips for Your Pet

Sep 01
According to the American Automobile Association, over 80% of dog owners drive with their pet in the car. That’s a lot of pets traveling in motor vehicles—it’s important for you to make...
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Cindy L. Williams

A big bouquet to the staff for the excellent care Solo received at her c-section. Dr. Dedder is a gem and I'm so happy that she has joined an already excellent clinic staff.

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Amanda Yeung

I've been taking my puppy Phenix to the Acadia Vet since I got him. They are amazing, friendly and supportive. Today I had to take him in because I thought he was suffering from a UTI (which he is) and Dr. Higgins was amazing. She explained everything to me so that I understood and assured me that if his UTIs keep coming back they will figure it why. You guys are amazing.

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