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Office Manager, Head Veterinary Technician
Marlee was born and raised right here in Saskatoon, where pet care was a part of life from day one. She’s always known that she was destined to work in the field of animal medicine—when Marlee discovered the Veterinary Technician path, there was no stopping her! She’s Acadia Veterinary Clinic’s Head Veterinary Technician and Office Manager.

Marlee attended the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology to become a Registered Veterinary Technician, and completed a five-week, full-time practicum right here at Acadia Veterinary Clinic during her studies. After graduating, Marlee was thrilled to accept a job offer—she’s been here ever since! She especially likes laboratory work and feline medicine, and works diligently to make sure that both cats and their owners have a positive experience here at the hospital. Marlee is also passionate about training, and loves providing beneficial learning experiences to students hoping to become Veterinary Technicians themselves.

At home, Marlee and her husband, Jeremy, live with two cats: Sophie, a purebred ragdoll who demands treats at least three times per day; and Hope, a rescue kitten who was dropped off here at Acadia Veterinary Clinic and taken in by Marlee and her family.

When she isn’t addressing pets’ needs here at the clinic or doting on her feline friends at home, Marlee enjoys camping, cheering on the New England Patriots, relaxing with friends, and working out at the gym.
Registered Veterinary Technician
Ever since she was a little girl, Shabrie knew that she wanted to grow up to work with animals in some capacity or another. After traveling and working odd jobs for a number of years after high school, she started to research the Veterinary Technician profession—Shabrie quickly realized it was the perfect fit. She hasn’t looked back since, and is now a proud member of the Acadia Veterinary Clinic family!

Born and raised in Saskatoon, Shabrie attended Lakeland College in Vermilion, Alberta to study veterinary technology, graduating as a Registered Veterinary Technician before moving back to her hometown. After working at another clinic in the area, she joined the Acadia Veterinary Clinic team in December of 2016, and has been happily tending to the area’s pets ever since. Shabrie has a special fondness for the intricacies and challenges of anesthesia work, and she loves to meet new furry companions and their loving owners on a daily basis.

Away from work, Shabrie likes camping in the mountains and spending quality time with her own pets at home. She has a Pomeranian, Meila Braxton, who has become a master at using her puppy eyes and head-tilts to get treats, as well as a talkative cat named Mad Max Tucker.
Marketing and Media Director, Client Care Coordinator
Gloria grew up in Saskatoon alongside her older sister and two younger brothers, and cared for all sorts of pets over the years. She’s adored the earth’s creatures for as long as she can remember—for Gloria, being able to give something back by working as a veterinary professional is a dream come true!

Gloria first started here at Acadia Veterinary Clinic in March of 2012 while taking a break from her university studies in anatomy and cell biology. She began as the clinic’s Marketing Director, then realized that she would love to start helping in a medical capacity with patients around the hospital. That’s when Gloria began studying to become a Veterinary Assistant—she completed her practicum right here at the clinic, and now cares for pets hands-on when she’s not tending to her marketing duties!

Outside of the office, Gloria enjoys knitting—she began knitting in December of 2016 and now enjoys sitting down to knit at every opportunity she gets!—and spending quality time with her dog, LittleBit.
Veterinary Technologist
Brittany has been fascinated by medicine and healthcare since her earliest memories—coupled with a lifelong love of animals, a career in the veterinary world simply made good sense. Brittany is proud to provide care that helps not only the pets she loves, but their owners as well!

Brittany grew up in Watrous, Saskatchewan. She first gained experience in the animal-care field by volunteering in Saskatoon, at Lawson Heights Animal Hospital. Brittany was hired as a veterinary aide and continued to work weekends while completing the veterinary technology program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic in Saskatoon. Brittany joined the Acadia Veterinary Clinic family in June of 2017, and has been tending to the pets of this area ever since.

Medically, Brittany enjoys X-ray imaging and rehabilitative laser therapy. Most of all, she loves spending time with patients in the exam rooms—Brittany is especially partial to French Bulldogs!—and interacting one-on-one with the loving animal owners of Saskatoon on a daily basis.

Brittany is a musician and currently plays in two bands; she’s even toured across Italy, England, and Canada performing her music! She also likes painting, sketching, and spending time with friends. Brittany lives with her boyfriend, Wes, as well as his young daughter and two pets: Sharkbait, a vocal cat, and an amiable lizard named Jack.
Sarah Mooney
Veterinary Technician
Sarah grew up on a farm just outside of Saskatoon, where her curiosity and passion for animal husbandry blossomed at a very young age. She likes to say that her penchant for helping animals live better lives through the power of medicine is a family trait—her maternal grandfather was a pharmacist, and her paternal grandfather was a dairy farmer! Sarah is proud to carry on their legacy as a Veterinary Technician.

Sarah studied veterinary medicine at the University of Saskatchewan for two years before transitioning into the veterinary technology program at the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology. She graduated from the program in the summer of 2013, then joined the team at Acadia Veterinary Clinic immediately afterward. Sarah has been serving the area’s pets and animal owners here ever since!
Medically, Sarah is fond of performing dental cleanings, and she also loves to collect blood samples. Most of all, she loves working alongside a compassionate team of animal-lovers just like herself on a daily basis—Sarah finds that she’s inspired by each and every one of her coworkers during every shift!

Aside from her interests in the veterinary world, Sarah enjoys horseback riding, long-distance running, and yoga. She and her husband, Jordan, have a wonderful son named Rhett and also share their home with several animal companions. The family has two dogs—Nevada, who can learn a trick in no time at all and loves her Starbucks drinks almost as much as Sarah; and Tyson, whose favorite pastimes are lounging in the sun and eating—as well as Rosie the cat, a dove named Casper who Sarah has owned since she was only 17 years old, and a horse who goes by Breeze.

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