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Choosing the Right Spot for Your Birdcage

Have you recently adopted a pet bird? Our feathered friends make wonderful little pets. They’re cute, lovable, and lots of fun. In order for your feathered buddy to be healthy and happy, she’ll need to be comfortable in her cage. A great cage is of course very important here, but choosing the right spot is also crucial. Here, a local East College Park, Saskatchewan vet offers some helpful tips on picking the best spot for Polly’s cage.

Air Quality

Birds have extremely sensitive lungs. Polly can get sick from breathing fumes that are harmless to us. Some of the things that are dangerous to birds include cigarette smoke, aerosols, perfumes, the odors from household chemicals or automotive products, potpourri, scented candles, and air fresheners. Cooking fumes are also hazardous. Many types of modern cookware emit vapors that are safe for us, but toxic to birds. Keep your birdcage in a room with clean air!


Heat and airflow are also things to consider. Don’t put your cute pet in direct sunlight, or in a drafty area. You also don’t want to pick a spot next to a heater, fireplace, or air duct.


Birds can get very jittery when there is a lot of noise or commotion. Polly probably won’t be happy too close to a TV or stereo. If anyone in your household has a noisy hobby, such as music or woodworking, keep your feathered friend well away from their craft/practice area.


Our winged pals are very sociable, and do best when they can see, hear, and interact with their human buddies. Don’t put Polly by herself in a quiet back bedroom: she may get sad, lonely, and depressed all by herself. Your pet may be happiest in a spot where she feels like part of the family.


On the other hand, you don’t want your bird to feel too exposed, either. Polly may be a bit uneasy in the center of a large open space. Many of our feathered pals prefer to be in corners, where they are only exposed on one side. If you have a cat, you probably don’t want to put Fluffy’s cat tower next to the birdcage.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, your local East College Park, Saskatchewan pet hospital, for all of your bird’s veterinary care needs. We are happy to help!