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Cold Weather Care for Dogs

Winter is almost officially here! Even though your canine pal is already wearing a fur coat, he’ll still feel the effects of those freezing temperatures. In this article, a Saskatoon, Saskatchewan vet discusses taking care of your furry buddy in winter.


Some dogs need to eat a bit more in winter than they do in warmer months. If your pooch is highly active, or spends a lot of time outdoors, he’ll burn more calories than usual just staying warm. Some of our canine friends will also benefit from taking certain supplements. For example, fish oil can help lubricate dogs’ bones and joints, which can be beneficial to pups with bone/joint issues, such as arthritis. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.


Did you know that brushing your pooch regularly can help keep him warmer on frigid days? Dead fur, dust, and dander all decrease the insulating abilities of your dog’s coat. Give your four-legged pal regular beauty sessions.


Fido is super cute when he’s snuggled up in his doggy bed, dreaming of chasing squirrels. Make sure your furry best friend has a comfy bed! Older dogs and pooches with thin fur may appreciate a thermal pet blanket, or even a heated doggy bed.

Paw Care

Snow, ice, sand, salt, and chemical de-icing agents can be pretty rough on Fido’s paws. You can try putting booties on your four-legged friend, though not all dogs will go for this. If your pooch doesn’t like wearing footwear, use paw balm or wax to protect those furry feet. Petroleum jelly will work as well.

Doggy Clothes

Dogs with thin fur will need some extra protection against the cold. When shopping for Fido, avoid anything that may be tight, hot, or itchy, or could restrict his vision or movements. Choose items that don’t have small pieces, like buttons, that your pet may try to eat. It’s also a good idea to stick with machine-washable things.


Unless you have a snow dog, like a husky, your canine friend will probably spend most of his time indoors over the next several months. Don’t let Fido become a complete couch potato! Keep your pup active by playing games like Fetch indoors. (Note: you’ll of course want to pick areas without a lot of breakable objects.)

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Simple Ways to Spoil Your Cat

International Cat Day is August 8th, which is just around the corner. Kitties deserve to be pampered every day, but why not do something extra for Fluffy on her special day? Here, a Saskatoon, Saskatchewan vet offers some suggestions on how to spoil your cat.

Kitty Luxuries

It really doesn’t take much to make your home into a luxury kitty castle. Offer Fluffy lots of comfy napping spots to snooze in. Cat furniture, such as cat towers and pet tents, is also great. Your feline pal will also need a suitable nail-care station and, of course, lots of toys.

Good Food

Proper nutrition will go a long way towards keeping your cute pet healthy. Offer your feline pal nourishing, high-quality food. Don’t overindulge Fluffy, however. Cats have a way of training their humans to feed them on demand. This is one reason so many kitties are overweight! Ask your vet for nutritional advice.


One of the best things about cats is that they really are very fun and entertaining. It’s hard not to smile when watching a playful feline chase that mysterious red dot, or rolling around in glee with a new catnip toy. Take time to play with Fluffy every day. It will be great for both of you!

Clean Facilities

Keep your kitty’s purrsonal powder room clean by scooping it daily and changing the litter every week. No one likes a dirty bathroom!

Veterinary Care

Healthcare is just as important for pets as it is for people. Be sure to keep up with Fluffy’s veterinary care needs. Follow your vet’s recommended appointment schedule.


Cats do fine staying home while their humans go off to work to earn money for catnip and kitty litter, but they can get bored and unhappy with nothing to do. A simple way to keep your furball entertained is simply to make sure that she has at least one comfy spot with a good view. Fluffy may also appreciate having a radio on. If you won’t be home before dark, keep a light on as well.


Kitties are happiest when they feel loved, safe, and a little spoiled. Pay attention to Fluffy! Even just giving her a quick ear scratch as you pass her can help keep her motor going.

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Caring for a Pregnant Dog

Do you know or suspect that your dog is pregnant? Congratulations! Fifi will need some extra TLC over the next several weeks. Here, a Saskatoon, Saskatchewan vet discusses caring for a pregnant pooch.

Is Fifi Pregnant?

It’s not always easy to tell if your canine pal is pregnant. Some common signs of doggy pregnancy include swollen nipples and a growing belly. Pregnant pooches often also become extra loving and cuddly. However, it isn’t uncommon for dogs that aren’t pregnant to show symptoms. If you think your dog may be pregnant, have her examined by a vet for an official answer. If Fifi is pregnant, ask your vet to recommend an appointment schedule. Your vet will also be able to give you information on due dates and the number of puppies you can expect. This is very important, because if your furry pal delivers fewer puppies than expected, you’ll know you need to take her to emergency care.


Offer Fifi a premium brand of dog food. Towards the end of her gestation, your vet may recommend increasing her serving sizes and switching over to a puppy food. Consult your vet before giving your canine friend any vitamins or supplements.


While you definitely don’t want to overexert Fifi, she will still need some activity. Daily walks are a great way to give your furry pal some exercise without overdoing it. If your pet seems tired, just let her rest. If Fifi jogs or is a working dog, ask your vet for advice on her activity needs.


Be extremely careful about medicating a pregnant pup. Some products and medicines are safe for expecting pooches, but others are not. Ask your vet before giving Fifi any medications. (Of course, it’s best to simply keep up with your dog’s vaccinations, exams, and parasite control products, so your pooch is current before becoming pregnant.)

Whelping Box

As the time approaches, you’ll want to buy or make Fifi a whelping box for giving birth and nursing. Put it in a spot that is quiet and somewhat private, but not completely isolated. Add some towels and old blankets to make it comfy. Set this out a few weeks before your pup’s due date, so she can get used to it.

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